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Following the SWAN Conference in April 2011 a number of students and staff members felt it was important to create a SWAN Coventry University Branch. The group has a Facebook group for informing people about campaigns and activities we are involved in, and we currently has around 30 members who are drawn from all levels of the Undergraduate Social Work course. To join the facebook group follow this link:

The group has held a number of successful meetings, some with students from Warwick University. We have attended demonstrations as a branch - particularly the protest against the cuts in services to Asylum seeking children and young people.

Active members in Year 3 are continuing to explain to new students the threats facing Social Work from the present government's attacks on Social Work and on state based welfare provision. We see it is vital that Social Workers understand the government's strategy of transferring resources and rights away from working class people, seeking to create a society entirely beholden to corporate interests. It is essential that as a SWAN branch we continue to explain these issues to new students and to emphasise the importance of being active.

The Coventry SWAN branch includes staff members as well as students, and continues as a collaboration between staff and students that developed in the campaign against student fees.

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From Newsletter #3 Spring 2011

Stephen Cowden reports on the first meeting of Coventry and Warwickshire SWAN

The meeting involved around 25 students and staff from Coventry and Warwick University, as well as Social Work practitioners from those areas.


Coventry and Warwickshire SWAN meeting - 25th March

Following the recent student protests against the cuts, a small number of students and lecturers at both Coventry and Warwick Universities have been working towards the establishment of a sub regional SWAN based at the two universities. The context is plain and simple; the massive cuts agenda in public services along with proposals for the wholesale privatisation of health, welfare and education.


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