There was a great turnout in Liverpool for N30, with the local news saying 15000 on the demo! There was a fantastic atmosphere, workers from up to 30 unions marched through the city centre. Unison, Unite, GMB and PCS were the most visible. I marched with other social work students and lecturers from Hope, social work practitioners, my practice educator and my son!

Both the Mersey tunnels were closed due to the strikes, the ferries were not running and the majority of schools, council offices etc were closed.

The rally took place on St. Georges plateau, right next to the Occupy Liverpool camp which was set up on Saturday. There's approximately 35 people camping there now.

The University of Liverpool went into occupation today. They're asking people for show support while they are negotiating their demands which have been distributed across Facebook and a blog which has started now on Merseyside Network Against Fees and Cuts. Watch this space!

Nicky Mitchell (Liverpool SWAN)

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