SWAN condemns the plans by Haringey Council to delete the Haringey Travelling Peoples Team (HTPT) (including the Traveller Liaison Site Management post that sits within the team).

HTPT supply vital support to the Gypsy and Traveller residents in the London borough, who are, in many cases, a highly vulnerable community. Residents rely on this team for a variety of essential services. These include services for Traveller Children and Family Joint Case Work, Vulnerable Adults Case Work, Education Support Work, Community Group Work Youth Work and Welfare Rights Work. On accommodation issues the team play a key role in ensuring the cohesive and culturally appropriate management of the borough’s Traveller sites, engagement with unauthorised encampments and Traveller Housing Support. The team also provides support for Health Issues, Child Poverty Needs Assessments and support for Community Engagement and input into service provision.

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The 2012 report by the ministerial working group on tackling inequalities experienced by Gypsies and Travelers states that ‘Gypsies and Travelers experience, and are being held back by, some of the worst outcomes of any group, across a wide range of social indicators.’ The HTPT play a critical role ensuring Haringey address the unacceptably poor social outcomes experienced by community members in the borough, as highlighted by the ministerial working group.

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