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SWAN are pleased to announce the publication of the debut novel, Can Openers, by SWAN activist and shop steward, Mal Jones. The novel contemplates a future in which there is a comprehensively residualised and privatised welfare system. Can Openers is published by Rowanvale books, describe the book as a 'futuristic thriller [which] gives stark warning of where society may be heading'.

The novel can be purchased for £9.99 in paperback or for 0.99 as an e-book at the Rowanvale website. The book has already garnared a favourable review from the ResoluteReader blog, which states that '[r]eaders will want to keep reading though, not just because of the story, but because the world that the author has created is tragically believable.'


SWAN has received news that this morning (Wednesday 8th October 2014) our friend and colleague, Rona Woodward (McLeod), lecturer in social work at the University of Stirling, Scotland passed away this morning after a long illness. The following piece is a short tribute by SWAN founding member and close colleague of Rona's, Iain Ferguson.


West Midlands SWAN, in conjunction with Birmingham Unison and Birmingham Against the Cuts, have written to Sir Albert Bore - Leader of Birmingham City Council - about its cuts to children's services budgets and links between these cuts and public criticism of children's services in the city. This includes the OFSTED Inspection of safeguarding services in September 2012 which rated those services to be inadequate.


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