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You may not have heard of Stan Cohen, who has just died, but you will certainly know something of his ideas, and their continuing relevance. Look at the current hysteria around ‘chavs’, ‘asylum seekers’  and ‘shirkers’ or the way Jimmy Savile has come to represent paedophilia  (even though we know that most child abuse takes place within the family), and we are likely to come up with the term ‘moral panic’.


UKIP's candidate for this week's Croydon North by-election, Winston McKenzie has sparked controversy this week by likening adoption by gay couples to "child abuse".

In an article from Seen magazine, social worker Michael Dwyer gives his direct response to Mr McKenzie:


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We, the undersigned, deplore the way both the UK Independence Party and also Secretary of State for Education Michael Gove have sought to to exploit the case of looked-after children in Rotherham for the purposes of electoral gain and to attack local social work staff.


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