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Feminism Belongs in Schools: The story of a group of  16/17 year old girls, their feminist society, how the education system failed them and how they’re fighting back.

This week The Guardian ran a shocking story about the sexist harassment and abuse experienced when a group of young tried to start a Feminist Society in their school.


Sandwell Council's Cabinet was met by a noisy lobby of forty people calling on councillors to keep the Spon Lane Children's Home open.

The Cabinet received a report on 12th June proposing the closure of the last remaining Council provided Children's Home in Sandwell. The closure will mean the loss of over 15 posts.


You may have seen or heard the furore following the British Psychological Society’s call for a new approach to our understanding of mental health. It was on the front page of the Observer on May 12th and discussed the next day on Radio 4’s Start the Week. The BPS argues that there is no scientific evidence for the diagnosis of psychiatric conditions such as bi-polar disorder or schizophrenia. This raises all sorts of important and difficult issues and resonates with discussions we have been having in SWAN about how we see and work with ‘mental health’.


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