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Last year, SWAN wrote of Tory ConDem cabinet member and Education Secretary Michael Gove’s attack on social work. Many academics involved in SWAN and others issued a joint letter rejecting his claims in the immediate aftermath.

Now, a matter of weeks later, SWAN is pleased to release the pamphlet, 'In Defence of Social Work: Why Michael Gove is wrong'.


There has been much coverage of Education Secretary Michael Gove's speech discussing child protection to the NSPCC, delivered on Tuesday this week. This included his position on social work and social work education and his feeling that such training involves 'idealistic students being told that the individuals with whom they will work have been disempowered by society' which 'robs individuals of the power of agency and breaks the link between an individual’s actions and the consequences'. 


SWAN was pleased to receive the following request about payday lenders from Professor Sarah Banks of Durham University today.  Research by Durham University's Centre for Social Justice and Community Action and community partner, Thrive Teesside, showed the predatory lending practices of high cost lenders and the profound impact on low income families caught in spiralling debt. The research recommended much tougher regulation of high cost credit (including payday loans).


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