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UK Articles. SWAN was conceived in 2004 by a number of radical social work academics. Several of these educators, including Iain Ferguson, Michael Lavalette and Chris Jones, have written widely on radical social work and specifically on challenging the neo-liberal, marketised direction of contemporary social work. These and many other SWAN activists contribute to this section of the website. Articles here focus on UK social work and this section contains SWAN’s response to and critique of current trends. Contributions from practitioners, service users, carers and students are equally valued and feature prominently. We encourage you to contribute yourself: please submit any articles by email to our SWAN Dispatches Newsletter.

News. The news section features the latest SWAN statements and reports on activity, nationally and regionally. It will also include instances where SWAN have been quoted or featured in mainstream media.

International. SWAN has links with radical and critical social workers and educators all over the world. The international section contains articles by these fellow campaigners and activists to enable us to share and learn from their experiences and develop a global perspective and critique.

Archive. This area contains older items from the three sections above which we consider to still be of relevance and interest.

  • Mental Health Charter: submission on inpatient adult psychiatric care

SWAN supporters will already be familiar with the SWAN endorsed Mental Health Charter which was launched in 2014. The Charter critiques the crisis in mental health services in the context of austerity and calls for an end to the cuts while proposing radical alternatives. Recently the Mental Health Charter responded to the Royal College of Psychiatrists' Independent Commission into the state of Inpatient Adult Psychiatric Care as part of its call for evidence.

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