Re The Paris Bakery Workers


Social Work Action Network (SWAN) Ireland is an organisation whose main aim is to create a space where social workers, social care workers, students, service users, carers, academics and members of the public can come together, equally and collectively, to campaign for a fairer society. We are also part of an international network.

The Social Work Action Network Ireland this evening pledges its support to the Paris Bakery Workers. Workers have been occupying the building on Moore Street since last week after the company’s owner Yannick Forel refused to agree to pay over €55,000 which the workers are due in wages. The workers are displaying enormous courage in this situation and are standing up for their rights and demanding what is owed to them – payment for their hard work.


We encourage all SWAN supporters to visit the workers at the bakery to pledge their support and offer any assistance they can e.g. some food, some kind words, some practical assistance if needed.

If you wish to offer some financial assistance you can do so through the Migrant Rights Centre here: http://www.mrci.ie/one-time-donation/

We also encourage SWAN supporters to sign this petition: http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/pay-paris-bakery-the-wages-owed-to-them#share


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