SWAN London, with assistance from a number of supporters including WinVisible, Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group and the Zacchaeus 2000 Trust have produced this latest edition to the SWAN practice notes series. The topic on this occasion is a radical response to welfare reforms and benefits. Please download and distribute this workplace tool!

A few suggestions for distribution: pin up in your workplace and give to fellow practitioners - send around your union branches - hand out to fellow students and educators - pass around women's centres, disabled people's organisations and service user and carers groups - hand them out at the bus stop! ;)

This resource is intended to be USED in social work and care practice. We hope this will prove a reviving response to the welfare reforms and a tool for all those who encounter it.

NB: the document is hyperlinked so it works best as an electronic copy. That said, if you do a simple internet search on the organisations and themes mentioned, the referenced websites should be easy accessible. Sneak off some copies on your department's photocopier today...

Solidarity with claimants!
SWAN London

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SWAN put together a booklet on debates and issues raised by the Baby P events in 2009. The booklet runs to 116 pages and includes contributions from leading social work academics (including Peter Beresford, Sue White, Chris Jones), frontline workers, service users and trade union officials (from both Unison and Aspect). The contributions are all a response to a lead article by Iain Ferguson and Michael Lavalette.

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