Critical and Radical Social Work is an exciting new journal that will promote debate and scholarship around a range of engaged social work themes. The journal publishes papers which seek to analyse and respond to issues, such as the impact of global neo-liberalism on social welfare; austerity and social work; social work and social movements; social work, inequality and oppression, and understanding and responding to global social problems (such as war, disasters and climate change).

It welcomes contributions that consider and question themes relating to the definition of social work and social work professionalism,that look at ways in which organic and 'indigenous' practice can expand concepts of the social work project and that consider alternative and radical histories of social work activity. As a truly international journal it actively encourages contributions from academics, scholars and practitioners from across the global village.Critical and Radical Social Work - An International Journal

We are delighted to announce that the first issue has now been published and contains the following papers:

F: Critical and radical social work: an introduction 
Authors: Ferguson, Iain; Lavalette, Michael

 Neoliberalism and social work in South Africa 
Author: Sewpaul, Vishanthie

 Greek social work and the never-ending crisis of the welfare state 
Authors: Ioakimidis, Vasilios; Teloni, Dimitra-Dora

 Courageous ethnographers or agents of the state: challenges for social work 
Author: Briskman, Linda

 What is the future of social work? 
Author: Reisch, Michael

 The ethical-political project of social work in Brazil 
Author: Behring, Elaine Rossetti

 Crisis, austerity and the future(s) of social work in the UK 
Authors: Ferguson, Iain; Lavalette, Michael

 Advocating for Palestinian children in the face of the Israeli occupation 
Author: Horton, Gerrard

 When the ethical may be illegal: student movement and resistance in a context of repression 
Authors: Sansfaçon, Annie Pullen

 Social work and the struggle for social justice in Ireland 
Author: Cuskelly, Kerry

 Marikana massacre: explosive anger 
Authors: Smith, Linda; Alexander, Peter

F: Some reflections on critical and radical social work literature 
Author: Woodward, Rona

The first article: Critical and radical social work: An introduction is available on our blog here:

Critical and Radical Social Work is available as a free online trial during 2013. To sign up, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Hope for Social Work: Baby P Pamphlet

SWAN put together a booklet on debates and issues raised by the Baby P events in 2009. The booklet runs to 116 pages and includes contributions from leading social work academics (including Peter Beresford, Sue White, Chris Jones), frontline workers, service users and trade union officials (from both Unison and Aspect). The contributions are all a response to a lead article by Iain Ferguson and Michael Lavalette.

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