Download and share an information sheet here, designed to inform practice with those who cannot access public funds. 

Produced by a wonderful SWAN member who has researched and practised in this area, this fact-sheet is designed to help you initially navigate terminology and legislation. Whilst all attempts should be made to access legal advice, this is a great start for those who feel their practice is being compromised through a lack of knowledge, and pressure to reduce access to the welfare state.

In Scotland, SASW are interested in your stories on this topic. SWAN will also share any experiences that you have had.

Please read and share this as widely as you can!

Download this file (No Recourse to Public Funds- SWAN advocacy sheet.pdf)No Recourse To Public Funds[ ]386 kB
  • Hope for Social Work: Baby P Pamphlet

SWAN put together a booklet on debates and issues raised by the Baby P events in 2009. The booklet runs to 116 pages and includes contributions from leading social work academics (including Peter Beresford, Sue White, Chris Jones), frontline workers, service users and trade union officials (from both Unison and Aspect). The contributions are all a response to a lead article by Iain Ferguson and Michael Lavalette.

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