Sandwell Council's Cabinet was met by a noisy lobby of forty people calling on councillors to keep the Spon Lane Children's Home open.

The Cabinet received a report on 12th June proposing the closure of the last remaining Council provided Children's Home in Sandwell. The closure will mean the loss of over 15 posts.

The lobby was composed of UNISON, UNITE and GMB members received support from from Smethwick Against The Cuts and West Midlands Social Work Action Network.

Sandwell has gradually closed all its inhouse residential homes and will become completely reliant on commissioning residential care from the private and community sector.

It is understood the decision will be called in and will be considered by the Council's Scrutiny Committee.

The Trade Unions have complained that Management 'have failed to properly engage staff and young people in meaningful consultation and have failed to explore all options.'

The Committee paper gives the grounds for the closure that building design made Spon Lane as no longer fit for purpose.

The Unions have made a counter proposal that the Council explore using two 3 bedded Sandwell Homes to continue an in-house residential service.

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