Click the link to Unison's article, highlighting the overwhelming criticism of NAAS by practitioners who took part in a national survey:

They are the future of social work, and this the strongest foundation for practice. We are incredibly proud to call them Swan members!

SWWB have serious concerns with the Home Office guidance issued around the Best Interest Determination process. 

What is the NAAS? Why is it problematic in both implementation and intention? Two pieces by SWAN members that you must read.

£700 million of government money once again diverts into the pockets of the private sector. 

  • Mental Health Charter: submission on inpatient adult psychiatric care

SWAN supporters will already be familiar with the SWAN endorsed Mental Health Charter which was launched in 2014. The Charter critiques the crisis in mental health services in the context of austerity and calls for an end to the cuts while proposing radical alternatives. Recently the Mental Health Charter responded to the Royal College of Psychiatrists' Independent Commission into the state of Inpatient Adult Psychiatric Care as part of its call for evidence.

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