A Swan member based in Kent is part of a team putting radical social work into practice in the Jungle and eventually Dunkirk migrant camps.

Social Work First is an independent social work clinic, being set up by British practitioners appalled by the conditions migrants are facing. Volunteers will be carrying out assessments particularly around the needs of families, women and children, with a hope to access resources from other charitable and independent sources. The aim is to begin practice on the 19th March and they are looking for volunteers able to commit at least a day a month, and who can self-fund the approx. £20 travel costs from London to Calais. 

Lynn and Louise explain that:

"we aim to: 

1. Attempt to access immediate resources identified in the assessments,  (either by contacting Charities,  Mosques, Church Groups, members of the public and anyone else we can think of).
2. Try to support the women in the camp to organise themselves (in meeting their identified needs)  which could include strategies   to reduce risks to themselves and their children, increase their personal safety and foster a self belief which is ultimately empowering. 
3. To campaign and challenge oppression, on behalf of and in solidarity with the refuges in the camp. We will use the actual evidence collected in our Assessment to present a true narrative."

Are you interested? Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Swan will be following their progress keenly, and are proud that we have such motivated members. We wish them the best of luck!

See the attached paperwork for more information about how Social Work First will operate.