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SWAN is a network of social work practitioners, academics, students and social welfare service users united in their concern that social work activity is being undermined by managerialism and marketisation, by the stigmatisation of service users and by welfare cuts and restrictions.

SWAN promotes a model of social work and social care practice which is rooted in the value of social justice. This model seeks to advocate alongside, and on behalf of, service users and carers. It values both individual relationship-based practice and collective approaches.

It works towards these objectives through regular conferences and campaigning activities, and to strengthen the radical voice within social work practice, education and wider social policy debates.

SWAN works alongside existing social care, service user and carer organisations, including UNISON and Unite, to promote strong collective organisation and, wherever possible, to campaign jointly.

SWAN is a membership organisation - please join us by following the instructions here.

SWAN supporters will already be familiar with the SWAN endorsed Mental Health Charter which was launched in 2014. The Charter critiques the crisis in mental health services in the context of austerity and calls for an end to the cuts while proposing radical alternatives. Recently the Mental Health Charter responded to the Royal College of Psychiatrists' Independent Commission into the state of Inpatient Adult Psychiatric Care as part of its call for evidence.

Please find below the full submission from the Mental Health Charter available for download.

Mental Health charter signatories will also be pleased to hear of the attention being paid to a recent open letter denouncing austerity and cuts to mental health services signed and supported by SWAN and Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) alongside a host of prominent psychologists, psychotherapists and allied professions. This letter was published by the Guardian on Friday 17th April 2015 and has been picked up and circulated by trade unions and other organisations:



SWAN Conference 2015 organising committee are pleased to release the final programme for the event - please download this below.

Speakers include Ana Lima Fernandez, President of Consejo General del Trabajo Social (General Council on Social Work), who was a leader of the 'Orange Tide' anti-austerity movement in Spain to stop cuts to social services.


A leader of Spanish social workers who has won international awards for her role in challenging homelessness and austerity in Spain will be one of the main speakers at the SWAN national conference being held in Paisley, Scotland from 10-11 April. Ana Lima Fernandez, President of Consejo General del Trabajo Social (General Council on Social Work), was one of only three recipients of the International Federation of Social Work secretary general’s award for outstanding services to social work.


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SWAN is a democratic, grassroots organisation – policy making and elections take place at the AGM during the annual conference’

Social Work Manifesto.

Social work in Britain today has lost direction. We need to find more effective ways of resisting the dominant trends within social work and map ways forward for a new engaged practice…

Get involved.


SWAN developed from the Social Work Manifesto written in 2004. It launched a popular defence of social work in the aftermath of the Baby Peter tragedy in 2008. It continues to hold successful conferences and campaigns; the 9th national SWAN conference will be held in Durham in April 2014.

SWAN is a membership organisation and we are dependent on the funds of members, plus what monies we take from our annual conference to run the organisation. You can find out about membership here.

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The next SWAN national conference is the eighth. It takes place at Durham University on Friday 11th and Saturday 12th April 2014. We will regularly update the SWAN website with information about speakers and booking. You can find these pages in the Conference 2014 section. Please email SWAN North East at ioakimides [at] googlemail.com if you have questions about the conference.

The title of the 2014 SWAN Conference is yet to be confirmed. This is the first time that a national SWAN conference has been held in the North East of England and we hope it will be the biggest ever SWAN event. It will link up social workers (in practice, education, research and training), service users and carers, trade unions, user-led groups, anti-cuts organisations, pressure groups, the disabled people and women's movements to unite to defeat the Coalition Government's social policy direction. Just as importantly we will debate, promote and celebrate alternative models and visions of social care.

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